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“She reads the news for you.” — My mother

We, The Citizens is a curated newsletter that covers Singapore with an emphasis on democracy, politics, civil society, and social justice. Every week, I pick stories about Singapore that I think people should be paying attention to. I then sum up what you need to know, and add some analysis, context, and/or background. Sometimes I also add GIFs.

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Okay, but who are you?

My name’s Kirsten, and I’m a Singaporean journalist and activist. I started blogging about Singaporean politics and human rights in 2010 as a volunteer for The Online Citizen and a baby activist campaigning against the death penalty.

About a decade on, I’m still advocating for the abolition of capital punishment, but now write and comment professionally on Singapore’s politics, democracy, and civil liberties (or lack thereof) for a range of publications.

I’m also the Editor-in-Chief of New Naratif, a platform for Southeast Asian journalism, research, art, and community-building. Check us out, and become a member too.

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