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We, The Citizens is a curated newsletter that highlights developments in politics, civil liberties and social justice in Singapore—topics that have a real impact on Singaporeans (but we don’t often talk in-depth about) but aren’t usually reported in the foreign press, thus impacting that way people outside the country see us.

Or, as my mother puts it, “She reads the news for you.”

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I’m doing this newsletter as a hobby—which prompted a friend to ask, “Why do your hobbies look so much like your work?!”—so I’m offering it for free. I believe in the importance of delivering comprehensive yet digestible updates about Singapore to Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike, so I don’t want to cut off anyone’s access by asking for money.

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Still, the paying subscription option has been turned on and set at US$5/month or US$50/year—if all you’re after is the newsletter, this is entirely optional.

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*As you probably can guess, all the money won’t literally be spent solely on Milo peng because that would be quite a lot of sugar. But it will contribute towards the time and energy spent on putting together these newsletters (and hopefully more!)

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